Annexe Tent Pegs screw in Australia

Screw in these pegs using your recharged drill and the adapter
supplied with each set to hold down your annexe or tent


The head has a hexagonal 5 mm hole for driving with your drill. It has enough spring to hold on the top section of the screw
making it easy to handle and store. The head has been tested to 100 kg.

Any portable drill can be used. The best one is the cordless impact driver. This will penetrate rocky soil and is faster than a cordless screw driver.

It is important to have a wide head so the pegs can also be used to hold down a D ring at the base of the tent or annexe.

The pegs can be attached to ropes via the hook or loop or around the peg. If your guy ropes have springs on the end they will clip into the hook.



These are the sets of pegs that you can order. They are sent in a plastic clamshell which you can use to keep the pegs together and store them safely. Why 9 pegs in a set? We include postage in the price and if we place 10 in the container, it doubles the cost. If you want another number or extra one to make up 10, send us an email and we will work out a price for you.


Screw in Pegs is a company based in Adelaide, South Australia. After testing many designs, it was found that the wire head which stays near the head of the peg, was the best design. Due to the demand from many satisfied users, a machine was created to make the pegs. The satisfaction of a great peg is now offered to all Australians who use an annexe or tent.


If the pegs show a manufactured defect or are not as described making them unsuitable, you may return them. You can then choose to have your payment refunded, the peg repaired or replaced – all of your choice. In soft sand, a wide plastic peg will perform better.

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